The Art of Brushmaking

Handcrafted Paint Brushes

Handcrafted by our specialists, our professional decorating brushes are made to last.

Each Purdy® professional brush is an individually made tool. Designed, formulated, blended and hand-crafted for your maximum painting performance.


Only the finest raw materials are used, without exception. From formulation to production, each step in our production process represents a standard for hand craftsmanship and quality unmatched in the industry. As a result, professionals rely on Purdy® tools for:

  • Outstanding Finish
  • Proven Durability
  • Excellent Paint Distribution
  • Better Overall Coverage with greater ease
  • Greater Efficiency in Production
  • Smoother "No Drag" Brush Strokes
  • "Cutting-in" Capability
  • Superb Paint Lifting Capacity


For today's professional painter, nothing can match the day-in, day-out performance of Purdy.