FAQs | Purdy UK

What makes Purdy brushes so unique?

All Purdy brushes are handmade by an experienced brush maker with the highest quality raw materials.

They’re guaranteed not to lose any filaments, will self flag throughout the life of the brush, retain their shape for longer and are accredited by the PDA & SDF.

This means they’ll last longer and give you a professional finish from the first to the last time you use them.

What are the best paint brushes?

There is a clear distinction between professional paint brushes and brushes for the Retail market. Professional brushes are more robust in manufacture, contain nylon filament in the brush head and are much more durable.

What is the best cutting in paint brush?

Most brushes will gives some degree of cutting in performance, however angled brushes like the Glide and Dale are the best for this job.

Can I use my Purdy brush for both water and oil based paints?

Yes you can. Our blend of nylon and polyester filaments are specifically designed to pick up, hold and release both oil based and water based paints leaving you with a smooth finish regardless of which type of paint you use. 

Do I need to ‘break in’ my Purdy brush like I do with natural bristle brushes?

No you don’t. You can use your Purdy brush straight from the keeper.

What is the best paint brush for high gloss paint?

This will depend on whether you are applying water or solvent based paint, for water based used the Sprig Elite and solvent based the Monarch Elite.

How to clean a paint roller?

Remove as much paint as possible from the roller sleeves before washing. Rinse the sleeve until the water runs clear. Use a roller spinner or put the sleeve back on the roller and spin it quickly to shed most of the water. Allow to dry stood on its end.

What‘s the differences between Monarch Elite & Pro Extra Monarch?

Our Monarch Elite brush is versatile, designed to work well with both oil based and water based paints. Its designed to give a great finish and will pick up and lay off a lot of paint. The Pro Extra Monarch is a stiffer brush, it has a blend of Chinex, Tynex & Orel filaments which will lay off 30% more paint than the rest of the range and makes it the best choice in the range when working with oil based paints.

What’s the best brush to use for new water based trim paints?

The Sprig  is a great choice when working with water based trim; it has a thinner stock and is more flexible than the Monarch Elite or Pro Extra Monarch, allowing you to achieve the best possible finish with minimal effort.

How to clean brushes using water based paint?

Remove as much paint as possible from the brush, clean under running water until water runs clear with a brush comb. Remove excess water from the brush and store in its keeper. Do not soak in any liquids. Ensure all paint is removed from the heel of the brush.

What are the best paint brushes for oil based paint?

Thicker stocked brushes work best in oil based paint so we either recommend the Monarch Elite or Pro Extra from the Purdy range to give the best results.

What’s the best brush to use when working with varnishes?

Our Syntox is an all nylon brush containing Tynex and Chinex; its been designed to mimic natural Ox hair which has traditionally been used for these types of coatings. This makes it ultra soft to touch and great to use with varnishes & stains.

What are the best paint rollers for a smooth finish?

If you're looking for the smoothest finish you should use paint roller sleeves with the shortest pile. From the Purdy Range it would be the White Dove sleeves in the 3/8in pile height.

Can Purdy roller sleeves be used straight from the pack?

To get the best performance and finish from a Purdy roller sleeve, wash it thoroughly in water and spin it out to remove any excess water before its first use. This will improve the amount of paint picked up by the roller sleeve and help to stop any loose fibres ending up on the painted surface.

What is the best paint roller for gloss paint?

If you looking to paint a large surface (like a door) with a roller, the best practice is to use a short pile or foam roller to apply the paint and lay off with a good quality synthetic brush. This will help to eliminate air bubbles and give the smoothest finish.

Which is the most ergonomic paint roller?

Paint roller frames need to feel comfortable in the hand as they are used for long periods of time. The new Revolution roller frame has been specifically designed with that in mind. It has a soft grip that is ideally suited for this purpose.

What’s the best roller sleeve to use for rough surfaces like Artex or textured wallpaper?

Our Colossus roller sleeve is ideal when painting rough surfaces indoor and out. It picks up and releases more paint, making light work of painting rough surfaces and leaving them with a great finish.

What are natural bristle paint brushes?

Natural bristle paint brushes are made of bristles that predominantly come from Hogs, a natural source. They tend to work best in oil based paints.

How should I look after my brush, especially when cleaning it out?

Purdy brushes are high quality tools, so you’ll want to look after them by following these simple cleaning instructions:

  • Clean your brushes immediately after use
  • If using them in oil based paint, make sure you use the appropriate thinner to clean them out.
  • Clean the brush until the liquid runs clear, paying particular attention to the area around the ferrule where paint can build up.
  • Do not leave the brushes to soak in any liquid or stand them on their ends for long periods of time as this can cause the filaments to bend leading to poor performance.
  • Use a Purdy brush comb to make sure all of the paint has been cleaned out. Any left over paint will harden and may affect the performance of the brush when you next use it
  • Store the brushes in their original keeper. If you've lost it or thrown it away wrapping in glossy magazine paper is a great alternative
  • Always hang the brushes from the hole in the handle or lay them flat to make sure the filament tips don’t bend.

How can I stop my Purdy tools from rusting?

All of the Purdy surface prep tools are made with carbon steel blades for maximum flexibility and durability.  Unlike stainless steel, when carbon steel comes into contact with water it can start to rust if the blade is not thoroughly dried. To ensure this doesn’t happen make sure your Purdy tools are never kept in water for any length of time and are dried thoroughly after use.

What are the best synthetic paint brushes?

The best synthetic paint brushes are those which contain Nylon in addition to Polyester. Nylon is more durable than Polyester, softens during use and is easier to clean. In Purdy brushes we use Nylon at the tip of the brush to ensure it has consistent high performance and will last for a very long time.

What bristles do Purdy use?

Purdy only uses the highest quality Nylon and Polyester filaments from DuPont, who are regarded as the best filament manufacturer in the world.

What's the difference between natural and synthetic paint brushes?

There are really 2 main differences. Firstly natural bristles naturally split to give a fine tip which helps to give a good finish. Synthetic filaments have to be tipped and/or flagged to achieve a fine tip. The other difference is how they behave in water; natural bristles have a tendency to splay out in the brush leading to loss of control. Synthetic filaments are much less prone to do this. As a consequence natural bristle paint brushes are really only used in oil based paints, whereas synthetic filament paint brushes can be used in all paints; both water and oil based.

What are the best paint brushes for water based paint?

Only use paint brushes with synthetic filaments for water based paint.