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  • Purdy Premium Adjustable Frame
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Easily switch between sleeve sizes for bigger jobs

Our Adjustable Frame makes it easy to swap sleeve sizes, saving you time on the job.

The angled design gives you better control and coverage when painting tall walls or ceilings. It’s also compatible with our Powerlock Extension Pole

  • Angled design for better control
  • Effortlessly paint large spaces
  • Lightest every adjustable frame
  • Suitable for 12” – 18” roller sleeves
  • Cam latch system to quickly release the sleeve


Features: Cam Latch system for sleeve quick release.  

Extension Pole attachment: Universal Threaded End & Jiffyloc attachment

Sleeve size: Suitable for 12” – 18” sleeves

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140753018 12-18''    3 716341402945


Purdy has the best equipment by Foofy

Describe Yourself: Professional Painter

5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

As a professional painter I use equipment I can rely on everyday, and Purdy never lets me down. The best tool I have came across is the adjustable frame. Most of the time I use an 18" roller, and any other frame lasts a week or two tops, but with Purdy I can always get a beautiful coat, an easy clean up, and I know that it'll always be there for the next job.

Date submitted by: 21 May 2015

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