Syntox Angled

  • Purdy Syntox angular paint brush in packaging
  • Purdy Syntox angular paint brush


A super-soft angled paint brush that applies paint in hard-to-reach places. The angle and long handle gives you the control and precision you need for intricate jobs.

The bristles are designed to mimic natural ox-hair brushes so leaves an ultra-smooth and mirror-like finish. It lasts five-times longer than a natural ox-hair brush too, so you won’t need to replace it for years.

  • Our softest brush
  • Also available straight
  • Suitable for stains, oils and varnishes
  • Leaves an ultra-smooth finish on wood


Material: Chinex & Nylon blend synthetic filaments

Handle: Thin Rattail

Ferrule: Round edge

Straight or Angled: Angled

Sizes: 2”

Brush head movement: Fixed head

Care instructions: Remove excess paint with the Purdy Brush and Roller Cleaner before rinsing your brushes in cleaning liquid.

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Syntox Angled

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