Inspiring the Next Generation – Jane Potter

27 July 2021


As we continue with our Inspiring the Next Generation series, we would like to introduce Jane Potter, Branch Manager for Leeds and York at Bagnalls Painting Contractors.


Jane has a wealth of experience in the painting and decorating industry. She completed her City and Guilds Advanced Craft apprenticeship course in 1990 and in the same year was named Bronze Finalist in the World Skills Olympics. Jane is passionate about encouraging the next generation to pursue a career in the industry and embark on an apprenticeship to get a good grounding and understanding of the trade and the skills required to achieve top results.


Jane believes that to be a good decorator you need to have attention to detail, time management and communication skills. She also says that it is important to have the drive and determination to succeed, as this will help with career progression.


Jane also believes that being part of the Painting and Decorating Association is important, as it offers support and guidance to the business.


At the Bagnalls Academy, they test painting and decorating tools, including brushes and rollers, to ensure that the contractors are using the best tools for each application. When it comes to quality tools, Jane believes that they are essential to achieve a good finish - which is why she chooses Purdy.


See our video with Jane, that was filmed at the Bagnalls Academy, below: