Inspiring the Next Generation – Chris Weller

09 August 2021


Next up in our Inspiring the Next Generation series is Chris Weller. With almost 40 years of experience in the trade, Chris began his journey as a professional decorator immediately after school and has since built a reputation for delivering high-quality craftsmanship. Working in partnership with friends he’s known for over 20 years, Chris prides himself on his attention to detail and focus on strong prep work.


Chris is a firm believer in taking your time and making sure jobs are done right. He says that the quality and standard of the work he does makes a big difference to the type of work he is called in to do – and the number of customer recommendations and future business opportunities that come his way.


Chris also says that he uses Purdy brushes and rollers as their quality is second to none. The Purdy range includes a wide range of products suited to a variety of jobs. For example, Chris uses angled brushes for painting awkward or tight spaces.


See our video with Chris below: