Inspiring the Next Generation – Bagnalls

Inspiring the Next Generation – Bagnalls

06 December 2021


As part of our Inspiring the Next Generation series, we spent time at Bagnalls Academy interviewing Abi Johnson, Lewis Boyle, and Jane Potter.


Here we saw how the team at Bagnalls are encouraging more young people to join the painting and decorating industry through its apprenticeship scheme. We also found out what they believe it takes to be a professional painter and decorator and why they choose high-quality tools.


Abi Johnson, Painter and Decorator at Bagnalls Painting Contractors

Thanks to her flair for creativity and artistic nature, Abi was drawn to the painting and decorating industry, starting her NVQ Level 3 Construction/Painting and Decorating in 2017. After joining Bagnalls in 2019, Abi has continued to learn, perfecting her skills as a professional painter and decorator. Abi chooses Purdy tools due to their high quality, reliability and durability.


Abi is passionate about encouraging more women to pursue painting and decorating as a career – and says that men and women are equally capable of taking up a role in the industry.


Lewis Boyle, Painter and Decorator at Bagnalls Painting Contractors  

Joining a trade straight out of school was an obvious choice for Lewis, and his artistic streak drew him to painting and decorating. Like Abi, Lewis started his NVQ Level 3 in Construction/Painting and Decorating in 2017. He gained knowledge from his colleagues at Bagnalls during his college training, furthering his skillset and understanding of the trade.


According to Lewis patience, a steady hand and being good with people are all key to being a great painter and decorator. Lewis also believes that it is vital to use quality tools as they can withstand daily use.


Jane Potter, Branch Manager for Leeds and York at Bagnalls Painting Contractors

Jane is passionate about encouraging the next generation to join the painting and decorating industry. In particular, she believes that undertaking an apprenticeship is the best way to get a good grounding and understanding of the trade and the skills required to achieve top results.


To ensure all contractors use the best tools for each application, Bagnalls Academy test painting and decorating tools, including brushes and rollers. When it comes to quality tools, Jane believes that they are essential to achieve a good finish - which is why she chooses Purdy.


See our video with the team at the Bagnalls Academy below: