Inspiring the Next Generation 2023

Inspiring the Next Generation 2023

17 July 2023


Purdy has launched this year’s Inspiring the Next Generation video campaign on our YouTube and social media channels. The series of 17 videos feature YouTuber, decorator and handyman Justin Bailly and are packed full of tips, tricks and useful insights for the next generation of painters and decorators.  

Justin is joined by the PDA’s 2022 Apprentice of the Year champions: PDA Junior Winner Harry Davies (LDC Decorating Contractors) and joint Junior Runners Up Katie White (Ian Williams Ltd) and Jade Oakes (Sodecor Decorators Ltd). Jade was also recently crowned Apprentice Decorator of the Year at the SkillBuild National Finals.

Throughout the series Justin and the apprentices share insider knowledge on how the choice of your painting and decorating equipment can help make a big difference to the quality of your work. From choosing the best roller for the job, to picking the right brush filaments or handle – the videos cover in-depth breakdowns of Purdy products, pitching them against standard equipment to help young painters and decorators recognise the characteristics that make a high-quality tool.


Ahead of the launch, we asked Justin and the apprentices to share some of their top tips for those just starting out:

Justin: “Making sure you match up the paint you are using with the right brush couldn’t be more important. Thicker filaments work best for thicker paints while thinner filaments deliver thinner paints more effectively. It’s not just about the shape and size of the brush itself!”



Harry: “If you tend to stick to knitted roller sleeves, try a denser woven sleeve to achieve a smoother finish. The level of paint stippling on the surface will be significantly reduced.”




Katie:If you’re looking to invest in a new set of brushes, I’d recommend ones with self-flagging filaments for long-term durability. These are filaments that are split into finer ‘fingers’ during manufacture and continue to split over time. Low quality brushes will come with split filaments at first, but these will wear down until you are using the full thickness of the filament, making laying off paint more difficult.”




Jade: “When switching roller sleeve size, make sure you maintain the same material and nap size to ensure a consistent, uniform finish. Matching the nap size to the surface texture is also crucial.”




If you want to find out more and watch the full series, head over to our YouTube channel.